Speak Up

Every night I try to stick to a bedtime routine. 
It really helps Eli, who has always had a few sleep issues, prepare himself for bed. After bath, we do the last diaper change, get him his drink, pick a lovey and then walk down the hall to say all of our good nights to all the various people and dogs along the way. 
Once in his room he asks to turn off the ceiling fan, watches me turn off his blue elephant lamp and while I close his blinds he softly says “Good night guys. Good night day. See you tomorrow.” Then while we rock and cuddle I try to softly whisper to him so to create a calming environment. 
I whisper the basics, “I love you…sweet boy…ready for night-night…etc.” But the other night all of our evening procedures came to halt when I started whispering and Eli finally grabs my face, looks into my mouth and repeats in the classic shout-whisper: “WHAT? WHAAAT? WHAAAAAT?”


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