Right now the boys are four years and four months old. Jackson really enjoys telling peopl about this little numerical happening. But then he is quick to point out that he is really four and a half and Eli is zero. Technically.
Every time he mentions this little extra half of four it gives me a little twinge. Really? Four and a half? My baby is closer to five?
Four has been so much fun so far. Four has really developed a sense of humor and a serious appreciation for musicals. Wizard of Oz, The Music Man and Chittty Chitty Bang Bang are part of the musical repertoire now. However, recently the automotive repair program Wheeler Dealers has become a request when been given a special tv treat option. Four is trying to learn how to tie its shoes, has learned how to read and enjoys playing soccer.
Four also has a lot of questions. A lot. Why does Superman have red boots? Can he get hurt? What do you know about construction? Why do they have port-a-potties out there? How much spinach do I have to eat to get a treat? Why does the dough look like mud? Can we still eat it? Can we eat it right now? What would it tatse like? When will it be ready? Why is the moon still out here? Why does the sun come up every day? Why doesn't Eli have any teeth? Is daddy made of iron? Why is there oil in a car? How does Superman fly? How does he stand when he is about to jump over a building?
Four is always ready for a good discussion.
What four hasn't done yet is located its balance. Four is a major clutz. So far four has fallen face forward in the playground collecting a black and blue nose. And last night four was running through the house in new flip flops and did a dance with the living room window sill. Just as the nose was returning to normal shades of face, the purple line of window-sill injury is streaking its way down.
But things were handled with bravery. It was only a brief crying spell and an ice pack later, before the showing off began.
I'm excited to watch the second half of four.


Anonymous said…
It is so hard to decide what is the "best" age. I guess the answer is always the age right now.

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