A Baby House

Overall, we could not be happier about Jackson's reaction to his little brother. He still loves to help out when it comes to baby stuff and truly enjoys discussing Eli's ...uh... digestive productions.

Mama, is it a poopy diaper?

Yes, it is.

Well then, I better check it out.


Yep, let me see ... EWWWWWWW! You're right, that's a poopy one.

Thank you, Jackson.

When Eli is on my shoulder, Jackson loves to inform me if Eli is asleep or awake.
Sometimes our conversations are endless:

What's the status, Jack?



He's awake.


Nope, asleep. Wait! He's asleep.

He is the most helpful when it comes to tummy time. He sings and dances, putting on such a show that Eli can't help but hold his head high to catch a glimpse of the whirling dervish.
Of course, there are pangs of jealousy. They bubble up in unexpected moments. Like at the end of Eli's PT, when Jackson will suddenly have to show us his own tummy time skills.
Or like the time he didn't get to do as he wished and stomped his foot down in the kitchen shouting "You are a baby! This is a baby house!"
We have tried, particularly in the last few weeks (especially since I have been back at work) to ensure Jackson gets his quality time sans Eli. And after some really good days at school, Eric even designed a light that intertwines around Jackson's bunk bed making it a super cool nightlight for bedtime stories.
He adores it.
We also point out how in love Eli is with Jackson.
Sometimes, Eli stares at Jackson so hard it gets a little creepy.
Even Jackson noted, "He can't take his eyes off of me!"
He drools and stares at Jackson non-stop as if to say, "ILOVEYOUILOVEYOUILOVEYOU!"
His infatuation comes in handy, since Jackson can charm that baby into giggles.
Jackson desperately wants Eli to be able to do everything right now. He explains how to ride a bike to Eli, or goes into detail about how to put on shoes. He wants to take baths together, play together, etc.
He can hardly wait.
He has become a wonderful big brother. He has learned so much about caring for a baby. Maybe even more than his father.......
ALL the boys were in bed when I was in the bathroom getting ready for work. Then a sleepy Eric appeared.

Honey, where is the baby? Who is watching Eli?

Oh, I left him with Jackson.

On the bed with Jackson?


The four year old?

Yeah. If you can't leave a baby with a four year old then who can you leave it with?

Mama! I'm gonna flip 'em over for some tummy time, k?


Sylvie said…
Ahahahahahahaha! Three men and a lady! Chin up, my darling girl! It's bound to be a wild ride, but should be pretty exciting almost every inch of the way!
Anonymous said…
If you count Elvis, it is really 4 men and a lady.

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