Check Up

Eli's official four month check up was Thursday afternoon. He now weighs 15 pounds and 4 oz. I thought he was a bit small but the doctor felt he was right on track and was pleased with his growth. He is basically in the 45 percentile in height and weight. His head size is in the 24 percentile. These numbers shock me because for years Jackson would be well into the 90 percentiles and his head size would literally be off the charts. But as long as the doctor is ok with Eli's growth then I am, too.
We have had a few scares regarding Eli catching colds. Basic stuff for a normal baby, but for him it didn't go so well. He catches a cold and his symptoms get pretty drastic pretty quickly. A slight cough and congestion lapse into difficulty breathing within hours. Now when he gets a few symptoms we put the breathing monitor back on his diaper so mentally we can sleep at night. Of course, then I stay awake staring at its little, flashing, green light. I'm so glad RSV season is winding down and just hope Eli can use this summer to toughen up before it begins again in the fall. His lung are just still so weak. But we knew things might be this way for a couple of years.
In the meantime, the rest of his appointment went well. The doctor was impressed with Eli's smiley personality. He does love to grin, especially when his mouth is full of rice cereal. We have started out slowly and even took a week-long break from rice cereal when his stomach seemed a bit ... concerned ... about the new food. But we have started again and I am really looking forward to introducing new foods.
I'm not sure who was the most excited about starting rice cereal - me or Jackson. When I told Jackson we were going to start feeding Eli cereal he jumped up and immediately asked, "Did Eli get his teeth?"


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