Eli's ECHO and EKG were this morning, and overall he did much better at this ECHO appointment compared to his last. His overall demeanor was so pleasant the nurses enjoyed "talking" with him and counting his grins. This time around I remembered to bring a bottle which meant that while the blood pressure taking was still not fun there weren't massive fits of hysteria and there was much less overall sweating.
The results of his ECHO are the same.
There has been no change in the hole in his heart and there has been no change to the clot (calcification) in his ventricle. The cardiologist says it may take up to 24 months before his ASD decides to close. And as for the clot, he may have it for the rest of his life. In the meantime, he will have to go back for a follow-up ECHO in six months.
Overall, the cardiologist was pleased with these results, commenting that it is a positive that the clot has not gotten bigger and so far is not causing any extra leakage near his ventricle.
Eli will continue to live life like a regular baby, while they periodically keep an eye on things.
At first, I was very disappointed to learn his body has not dissolved the clot. I really thought it would be gone by now.
But I need to shake this negative attitude and be thrilled our baby is otherwise a healthy boy.
In fact, the doctor remarked at how long Eli's attention span was, how much he chattered along and how alert he was to the volley of our conversation.
"He doesn't miss a thing," he said. "I haven't seen a baby like this in a long time. He is really going to be so fun to raise."
Now that is a medical prognosis I can throughly agree with.



Sylvie said…
Lol! Wonderful! No need for a second opinion on that one!

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