It's In His Genes

Jackson has started soccer.
We asked him what interest he would like to pursue and it was narrowed down to swimming, dancing or soccer.
He mulled.
Soccer was the final decision.
He is so in love with everything about it. Especially the gear.
Men and their gear.
For Christmas, we got him a pair of shin guards. He was so thrilled he put them on immediately.
He even wore them to school, without me knowing, to show his friends. He wore them all day. That is commitment.
Once a week, we head to the soccer field and watch him learn the basics. But it isn't the soccer game basics I love to watch happen on the field.
I love watching him experience so many simple aspects of the game that will become foundational pieces to his overall character.
It may sound overly dramatic, but I really see him growing up during those 40 minutes of astroturf.
I love watching him learn how to be a teammate, how to listen to his coach, how to coordinate his feet with his brain, how to win and how to lose.
He is having the best time and so am I.


Sylvie said…
Well done! The doIng and the tellIng--it all works beautifully!

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