After reading about Dora's visit to the dentist, and discussing it at great lengths, Jackson was finally ready for his very first dental appointment.
This was a big event.
There were new offices, lots of fancy equipment, strange sounds, machines and farm animals.

The hygienist made him a pink chicken and Jackson was thrilled. However this still did not convince him to lie back in the chair.
No, thank you.
He preferred to sit, if you don't mind.
The hygienist was wonderful and patiently answered all of his questions.
He had a lot.
And he did not take his eyes off of her.

She showed him the water spout, the vacuum and the "tooth counter." All were big hits.

Jackson has always been one to observe before jumping in. So going through all of the equipment and discussing how things work was right up his alley. He is very brave, but he always needs a minute to adjust before committing.
She and Jackson became fast friends. He enjoyed answering all of her various questions. I was so proud because she asked him if he brushed in the morning and at night and he said yes and told her that he flosses, too.
They got to be such great pals that while she was flossing his teeth she asked him what are some things he liked to do for fun?
He thought about it for a moment. Then answered: "I like to pick my nose."
I probably turned as pink as that chicken.
I began to stammer an explanation, when she put her hand on my arm and gave me the knowing look.
"I have boys," she said.
Nervous laugh.
It wasn't until Jackson learned there was a treasure chest to select a toy from that he eventually decided it was ok to relax and lie back.
So when the dentist arrived he was ready.


Sylvie said…
Ahahahahahahahahaha! Yes, always count on the boys to make you blush! Very proud of him anyway!

Coincidentally, Lola got HER teeth cleaned yesterday, but no toy and no chicken balloon! And with her conehead, it will be at least 10 days before she can pick her nose! ;)
ahhh girl. i ,too, have boys. hang in there. and read this: you'll feel a bit better...or at least in good company! ;)
Anonymous said…
that chicken is way cool

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