I have mentioned before about how much I love Fun Friday ideas. The majority of the games are big hits in our house.
Last night I thought we would try her Oobleck recipe.
I remembered making it as a child and knew Jackson would love getting super messy.

Here's proof:

A few other tips to extend Oobleck's entertainment value: giving the kid plastic silverware to manipulate Oobleck, hiding a penny in the bowl of Oobleck, saying Oobleck as much as possible.

In the past, Jackson has most enjoyed familyvolley games such as the cotton ball game and the Don't Eat Pete game. But his favorite is the Flour Tower game. Recently, we went to Eric's giant family reunion at Petit Jean mountain and I took some of the kids and tried out familyvolley games. They were a big hit. I'll have to find pics from the game session, but the Flour Tower was the most favorited.

Here is a pic of the kids doing another easy activity: FooDoodlers. Have you seen these? (some found here: Aunty Debbie got these for Jackson a while back and when I found these massive 'mallows, I knew they would be entertaining: for everyone.

Doodling on the marshmallows ... or maybe eating them, too.

Edible art. Really a win-win situation.

I guess that is also the point of this post. My favorite kid games are the ones that are easy, quick to organize and entertain the adults as well. And when I see Jackson's face covered in flour, cotton balls or sticky marshmallow art it cracks me up.

Good parent or bad parent?

What games do you play with your kids?


Anonymous said…
Well, fabulouly creative parent, of course.

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