It Even Had Solar Panel

At Jackson's three-year check up they ask me the usual questions to assess his development.
Can he dress himself?
Jump on one leg?
Recite the pledge of allegiance with a spoon resting on his nose?
And so forth.
One question in particular stood out because I wasn't sure I had ever seen him accomplish it:
Can he stack 8 or more blocks?
First of all, I'm not sure I can stack that many blocks.
I was never even very good at Jenga. And those start out stacked. Of course, I'm not sure I ever played it sober....
But as I sat in the exam room, while the nurse blinked at me for my response I realized I had no idea.
I mean, surely? Have I ever counted them?
So I chuckled an affirmative and made a mental note to further examine the patient.
A few days later, while playing blocks I causally began a stacking contest to see if Jackson did yes indeed qualify to be a three-year-old.
It's no fun to just stack, so instead he built this:

I know it's kind of blurry but it was hard to get a good shot of "The House That Jack Built" (as he called his architectural debut).
It also comes with a lot of extras one might not expect with a typical 3 bdrm, 2 bath.
For instance, the long yellow block near the bottom? It comes with a mama duck and her babies that sit on it.
The green block toward the top is really where you keep all your Hot Wheels. One of the red blocks keeps the bad guys away and the long blue block is water that runs right through your house.
Of course, after giving me all of the structural details, he favorite part was knocking it down.
So yes, definitely 3.


Sylvie said…
Definitely 3, or Benjamin Button! on magic dust! :))
Edward said…
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Anonymous said…
Especially if you plan to demolish it any time soon.

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