Mad Scientist

Every night after putting Jackson to bed, Eric and I are always amazed at the odd noises that drift from under the nursery door and into the hallway.
There is always whispering, tapping, singing, reading, some thumping and occasional raucous laughter.
Last night, it was as though some great engineering project was underway.
"It always sounds like there's a science project going on in there," Eric noted after putting his ear to the door.
As long as Jackson is in bed and keeping things somewhat quiet, we don't mind what projects he's taking on, because eventually they all lead to sleep.
However, on one particular night there was a lot of whispered discussion going on, some scuffling and some excessive rattling.
Finally, we both got up and poked our heads in expecting to find a miniature volcano replication in the middle of the room or multiple lab tests being conducted on Elmo.
Instead, there was Jackson in bed pulling a pair of Eric's smelly socks on and up past his knees.
Apparently, he had found them after Eric had discarded them in the room while singing a good-night song.
His little face looked up at us with sheer joy at such a discovery so we said good night and let him keep the dirty treasure.
A smelly find I'm sure science would love to get its hands on.


Anonymous said…
Wonder if he had stashed those sox for later.
Houpley said…
I wouldn't be surprised! Come to think of it, I haven't seen them since...

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