Big Man On Campus

Jackson attended his first college class this week.
That's right.
His SAT scores were off the charts!
Actually, his school's director asked if she could use him for a class project she was conducting regarding potty training.
She needed a verbal kid that wouldn't mind preforming and answering questions, etc. She selected him and another sweet little girl to assist.

During the class, Jackson really hammed it up and wowed the crowd. At one point the other mother mentioned, "He is very entertaining!"
And I would have to agree.
To us, he is always the most fun thing around. Every day Eric and I end up laughing at his antics and observations.
One such moment happened on our way to the class.
Unfamiliar with the area I used our GPS to guide me. She was instructing me to take a slip road here or a left over there when Jackson asked for more details.
"What is she telling you, mama?"
"She is giving me directions so I don't get lost."
He processes this fact and then gets a little concerned:
"Where's her mouth?"


Anonymous said…
I've sort of wondered that myself from time to time.
Houpley said…
she is also such a know-it-all...
Sylvie said…
So glad you are keeping a journal of all these wonderful "bons mots" from our boy. I remember so few of Christopher's cute sayings and have repeated them until everyone is sick of hearing them. Please print this blog at some point and make it a keepsake for all of us to treasure forever!

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