Flight Requirements

We are scheduled for a trip to the East Coast this summer and I have been prepping Jackson for the flight.
Some kids like to have a lot of pre-event discussion and some kids can't deal with the build up. What kid of tactics do/did you use?

Jackson has always been the kind who prefers a lot of prep time and discussion about upcoming events. He has flown several times before, but I think it's fun to get excited about any trip. Not that we spend a whole lot of time on it, but for example, last night when he put on his New York Yankees ball cap he asked me where it came from and I mentioned his New York relatives and how we will soon be on our way to visit them.
He has a few pre-flight concerns:

We'll go on an airplane?


Not mama's car?

No. Not in my car.

Will I get a seat belt?

Yes. Your very own seat belt. Sometimes you can sit on my lap. But you will have your own seat and tray and everything! And we can color, have snacks, read books and play with stickers...

Who will fly the airplane?

The pilot.

Does he have a mouth?

Yes. He has a mouth, and ears, and eyes just like you.

And he has a head?


And he does he have feet?

Yes, he does.

And does he have a hat?

Yes. He has a hat. But he only wears it sometimes. When we get on the plane, would you like to meet the pilot?


And then the steward will show us to our seat.

And can I open and close the window?

No. The windows don't open and close but you can open and close your shade. But not the window.


Air pressure.



Sylvie said…
Hey, when I get on the plane for Amsterdam Tuesday, I would like to meet MY pilot. Since my airlines will be on strike, I just want to be sure there IS a pilot and not a volunteer who stepped up from baggage handling! As for his wearing a hat, check out this pic:
http://www.flickr.com/photos/50981739@N00/2071977597/in/set-72157603323249548/. Hope it links.
Sylvie said…
No link. Well, it is a picture from one of my trips to Tulsa of the pilot sitting in the cockpit wearing a baseball cap!
Anonymous said…
When you think about it, "air pressure" is the answer to many of life's little questions. And, "Oh" is quite an appropriate response, too.
Houpley said…
It seemed to satisfy his curiousity. Will have to find that pic to show Jack.

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