You Can't Eat The Moon

While we are not crazy-granola-hippy parents, we don’t allow Jackson to watch TV. It isn't like a giant soap box that we stand on, it just isn't really an issue.
It’s just not on the schedule.
If one of us stayed home with Jackson during the day, I'm sure things would be different. TV would be most helpful when a parent has got to finally get to that shower, fix a meal, etc.
But since Jackson is in school, the minute we all come home we spend our time visiting, playing, etc.
All that being said, we do however let Jackson watch
That's right.
No T.V.
We just let him troll the underbelly of the internet.

Every now and then we will play a youtube video of a family member, a great song or of a Sesame Street character. Currently Eric has been trying to educate him on Michael Jackson's music. Youtube has a plethora of MJ as you can imagine.
But his favorites are of course Fiest's 1234 Sesame Street song as I have mentioned here before, and anything Elmo related. He also loves Ray Charles and India and Elmo's duet version of the ABCs is a big fave.
Last week, however, he became enamored with Cookie Monster’s short clip singing the song "C is for Cookie." We had never heard this one before.
The song, which Cookie Monster sings to a crowd of awe-struck monsters whilst perched from a capital C, has only three lyrics:

C is for cookie.
That's good enough for me.
Cookie, cookie, cookie, starts with C.

You can enjoy the jazzy number here:

So after only seeing it a few times, I noticed Jackson had started singing the song to himself which I find adorable. In fact, while "skyping" a relative that same evening (Hi, Sylvie!) he sang a few bars of it through a mouthful of graham cracker.

But things got really weird when only one day after the c-is-for-cookie fever hit our house I was eating lunch downtown and looked up at the chalkboard next to the restaurant’s giant menu:

I think the universe is trying to tell us to eat more cookies.


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