Since we've just discovered NetFlix about a year ago, we thought we'd include a new feature here at houpley inc.
Welcome to: Three-Sentence Movie Reviews!
How does this relate to parenthood, you may ask? NetFlix is the easiest way we are able to actually watch a movie! We've been playing catch up for quite some time.
Not only have we been trying to watch some classics we never got around to but we've also been working on The Wire. Also we're fans of the Watch It Instantly feature.
Plus with NetFlix, it doesn't sting so badly when you've ordered a dud.

Like this one:

Movie: I love you, man

We laughed out loud four times.
For sure a renter.
Gag reel was funniest part.

Based on our current potty training reward system, we give this movie: 2 out of 5 M&Ms.


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