So Much Birthday

To top off our birthday-week-extravaganza, Jack was invited to his first little kid birthday party the Sunday after his party.
His classmate, Sawyer's birthday party was held at The Little Gym.
At first, I thought it would be just another giant, loud kid place riddled with pink eye.
But when we arrived, it was a lovely place that the group of kids got to enjoy all to themselves.
Jackson loved the gymnastic equipment and was a pro at the open-jupiter-jump-thing.
Mama however, not so much.
He did the parallel bars, walked the balance beam and climbed the rock wall.
After much running, climbing and flinging of tiny bodies on to colorful, odd shaped items, the staff corralled the kids in line for a little pre-cake Purel.

That was the moment I fell in love with The Little Gym.

The staff Purelled each and every one of their little grubby fingers prior to them smashing Elmo cupcakes into their faces.
My heart soared and I nearly made out with her. But I didn't want to embarrass the boy... or the husband.

They entertain the kids in a professional, low-key manner. They served the food, cleaned up and even handled ending the party with favors while politely sending guests on their way.
Very efficient, yet fun.

Here is a link to their site. The video was exactly like the party.

I didn't bring our camera because I thought it might be weird to photograph your kid at another kid's party.
But evidently I was wrong.
It was like birthday paparazzi. Jackson had a bit of an entourage and as the little ladies followed him around, so did their mothers snapping pics.
So we took a few with the phone.

He sat with his girls as they patiently waited for cake.

...and then not-so-patiently ate it.


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