It occurred to me that when Jack moved from being a Penguin to a Monkey I wrote a bit about his transition, new class and teachers. Last week he made yet another transition into the Alligator room.
It seems like every transition is a very big deal. Last time it was stressful for me because he was moving up to toddler level meaning no longer on the infant floor.
This transition is once again all about becoming more independent.
Fortunately many of the independent behaviors they will be developing he already enjoys doing.
Such as..,
-using utensils
-drinking from a cup
-taking his dishes to the sink
-washing his hands
-using a napkin

These are all things he has been doing at home on and off again for quite some time.
While nervous about Jack becoming such a big kid, I am excited about his teacher’s curriculum plans.
They will begin a daily preschool session and by the end of the year are expected to know colors, shapes and more in Spanish. I'm thrilled about that because the majority of the Spanish I remember came from my kindergarten lessons. Gotta get it in the brain early.
They will also help begin potty training in this class and have a very rigorous plan to back up whatever you are doing at home to encourage the process.
It's only been about a week. So far I like his new teacher.
She has a very direct and down-to-earth personality yet is light hearted and fun with the kids. I very much like the tone she takes with the children. She speaks to them like they are adults - something I think most kids benefit greatly from.
While I am looking forward to his new lesson plan, Jack is thrilled about the two slides, red piano and various transportation devices that are in the room.


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