When company is on the way, cleaning is always at the top of the "get ready" list. Yesterday, we were cleaning for company and the upcoming birthday party.
I heard Eric wander into the kitchen and rummage for a snack while I was buzzing like a bee dusting every surface in the house.
He comes wandering over to the bedroom where I am threatening numerous dust bunnies with my industrial size can of Pledge.
"Is it snack time?" I muse out loud, hand on my hip.
"No." he says with a hang dog face.
"What time is it?" I ask, smiling in my mama-voice.
"Cleaning time," he mumbles. But as he turns to walk away he promptly moons me from the doorway.
Of course, I promptly spray the "moon" with some lemon scented Pledge.
The moon is dusty.


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