Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wicked Awesome

We are going to finally see the Broadway musical Wicked this weekend.
I have been waiting to see this production for a very long time.
The last time it came through, it was an hour away and I was VERY pregnant so the two-hours in a car bit trumped going to the performance.
This time around it is in town and no one is pregnant.
I've already decided I will love the show.
It appears to have everything one could desire: grand gestures, magical costumes, wonderful music coupled with catchy tunes, a green lady, talking animals - what else is there?
Everyone knows how I adore a talking animal.
Call me corny, but I do love a good musical.
Rent is in my top five favs and while I wasn't so sure about The Lion King it turned out to be one of the most incredible shows I have ever seen.
I thoroughly enjoyed Chicago and continue to enjoy the soundtrack.
And of course Les Mis was life changing.
Those are my top four.
I'm leaving a slot for you, Wicked. That's how much I already love you.

So, what is your favorite musical?


Cookie said...

This is like asking me to name a favorite pastry. Wicked is amazing and I know you'll love it. Xanadu on stage was pretty awesome too. But I always love a classic like West Side Story.

Middle-Class Mom said...
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Middle-Class Mom said...

Rent...though I've seen Wicked and it's amazing.

(P.S. Glad to find your blog, and here's the link to ours. We're also planning to see Wicked in T-town this weekend. Hope to run into you.)

Houpley said...

cookie - i do love a good musical gang fight!
mcm- hey there! when are you going to see the show? we are actually hitting the show sunday since the in-laws are in town. can't wait!