Lit Review

Jackson loves to read. The very first book we read to him was Goodnight Moon when he was 8 days old and trapped in a swaddle. He seemed to enjoy it....or maybe he was just in love with the ceiling fan.
Most mornings, it is the first thing he asks to do before I have even lifted him from the covers for a morning cuddle.
I say, "Good morning!"
He almost always responds with "Read book? Read book?"
So we generally start the day with a few of his favorite books. Even when he gets upset and we go to his room to calm down a bit, he always asks to read a book.
Reading soothes him.
So, the following, in no specific order are his very favorite books. And by very favorite, I mean we read these books over and over until mama and daddy's eyes glaze over while we think of possible hiding spaces for them.

1. Baby Einstein's Look and See (this has been a fave for more than a year)
2. Wheelie Books (Speedy the Fire Truck and Bumpy the Tractor are a package deal)
3. Baby On the Go
4. Jack Truck
5. Go Dog Go
6. I Can Fly
7. Gertie and Gossie
8. My Shapes
9. Gallop
10. Goodnight Moon

What are/were some of your children's favorite books?


Anonymous said…
You were obsessed by "Hop on Pop", "Go dog Go" and "The Pobble Who Had No Toes". By the way, the Pobble "had once as many as we". That stuff NEVER leaves your brain. The Pobble also had an Aunt Jobisca, I believe.

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