Overalls and Marshmallows

I can no longer keep up with Jack's "new word" lists because now whenever we are using a word I ask him to say it and he typically does.
This morning while dressing for sku, I explained he was finally wearing his new overalls since he appears to have grown a tiny bit.
To which he replied: Overalls.
Only it sounds more like: ooo-ullls.
Yesterday, I offered him a marshmallow and now he approaches the cabinet every so often for a mma-meooo. (by the way, the boy's love for marshmallows is a post in and of itself)
And on Monday evening, I discovered that he says the color blue. Sure, it is "buuu" but he identifies the color. So, I'll take it.
He also asks every afternoon to go and get the "mail." And this morning he asked where daddy was going and I said work. To which he replied, "wrk."
So, I guess the real milestone here is that mama and da-deee are going to have to weed out their less tasteful vocabulary.


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