Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monkeys Prefer Cheese

So I turn around for one second to tend to a bubbling pancake situation, and when I turn back to face the kitchen counter, there is Jackson on all fours - actually on top of the kitchen counter heading for the bowl of grapes.
Looking as if he may have just stolen a large red grape, he looks up at me and grins.
The older girls, who have come for a visit, are dancing, laughing, giggling, etc. I am in a state of shock at the tiny monkey that has landed on my kitchen counter that may or may not begin choking on a large grape.
I utter his full name and snatch him up which sends one little girl into giggles.
Once I have him safe in my arms, I ask him about the stolen grape.
I cup my hand under his chin.
"Did you eat a grape?"
He shakes his head no.
"Spit it out."
Nope. No grape in here.
I decide to believe him. His tiny dimple is very convincing.
A few seconds go by and I offer Jackson a piece of cheese.
He eyes it.
Thinks about it.
And suddenly....a giant red grape pops right out of his mouth. Whole.
To make room for the cheese.

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