If She Had A Blog ... or Double-Avacado Enjoyment

The following guest post is from my best friend "Debry," who not only shares her silly story but also provides you with some uses for miso soup that you never even knew about:

If i had a blog, it would be called something like "how many degrees does it take to screw in a light bulb", because no matter how much education i have, how many times i've been in court with serious cases involving important issues like custody and safety from violence, i'm still one of the clumsiest people i know, and i tend to not pay attention to some important details which surround me.
if i had a blog, it would include stories like this:
today i had a philidelphia roll for lunch -- just one of the many benefits of moving from a tiny town famous for its rodeo to a town full of liberals, hippies and foodies.
while enjoying my philly roll, i was looking at a few things on the internet, so not necessarily paying close attention to what i was doing. it is just eating, after all, and i can do that with my eyes closed and both hands tied behind by back -- especially if chocolate is involved.
But when i looked down next, i noticed that the avocado had fallen out of the philly roll i just swallowed, so i stacked it on the next bite for double-avocado enjoyment!
it was about two seconds later that i noticed my substantial lump of wasabi was missing, and about one second later that i realized my mouth was on fire!
I debated for a mili-second on whether i should spit out the entire mouthful--what a sad waste of sushi!!-- or try to enjoy it as best i could.
my instict to live made the decision for me as the fire began to crawl up into my sinus cavity: i had to spit it out.
by the way, miso soup is remarkably good at putting out wasabi-induced fires.


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