Today was a terrible day at work as many lost their jobs. I want to include this within my blogging about our lives as parents because for the first time I did not fear for the loss of my job...
I feared for the loss of my insurance.
Like a mother bear who sees hunters approaching, I want to gather up my baby bear and put him high up in a tree where lay offs and severance pay and unemployment and Cobra plans can't reach him.
Even though our plan may not be the best, the thought of losing it sends my stomach reeling.
I hate to be someone borrowing trouble and I certainly am not one who needs more things to worry about, but today was a reality check.
I can't let go of the worry sometimes.
Yesterday, Jackson woke up with a cold.
Hunters beware, I'd kill for a good insurance plan for my baby.
One could go crazy if one thinks about it too much.


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