Most nights, we all cook dinner together. Eric is stirring, I may be chopping and Jackson is rearranging Tupperware or pulling out random mixing bowls or lately dragging his tiny stool to the counter to get a peek over the edge.
I love having him involved in the process of making dinner. I think it is a good family activity and that he will learn a lot from it.
Measuring, colors, foods: all fun stuff.
However, when by myself things get trickier.
It is difficult to monitor fajitas, the dog and an 18-month old in the kitchen.
Chicken sizzling.
Baby begging for cookies.
Phone ringing.
Dog stealing baby's cookies.
Hot stove.
So I have had to set some firm rules.
The most obvious one has been not to touch the oven.
While he understands that it is hot, he has gotten rather lax about kind of touching it, or using the oven door's handle to pull himself up onto the stool, etc. (not while it is hot, mind you)
But when I am actually using the oven, he just cannot be near it.
For his safety=my sanity.
So Wednesday, while making dinner I flat out explained that there would be no more touching of the stove area in any way, or at any time.
No matter what.
Not even the dishtowel hanging from the door handle.
No touching.
Jackson was not pleased with the new rule.
But understood this was serious law.
Gave me the long stare.
Then promptly lifted his hands, palms facing the oven , a mere centimeter from the stove and began to stick his tongue in and out at the oven door.
All the while - not touching it.
I guess he told that oven what's what.


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