Welcome to the shoe show

It is becoming increasingly difficult to find time for scrapbooking and/or taking photos and documenting all of the awesome, hilarious stuff Jack does. I actually find that writing bits in this blog is easier. So just a quick note of some adorable Jackson-isms I want to remember.
One, he giggles extensively every time we put his shoes off and on. He finds it very funny to watch the socks and shoes go on and off. And after giggling quite a bit during the taking off of the shoes and socks, he is immediately ready for us to put them back on again. Granted during sock-take-off I will slowly tug on the socks which is, to Jack, the best part of the shoe-show.
Two, Jack has taken hide-and-seek to a whole new level. He is almost obsessed with the game. He plays it all day and the best part about it is that he thinks if he just rests his head on an object, any object, he is "hiding." Even behind the letter "W" from his alphabet magnets. If he places the orange "W" on his forehead, you can't see him behind it. And when he whisks away the tiny object, poof he is discovered, much to his delight. He will repeat this over and over. Seriously. Like 10 times. This evening, he placed his forehead on the edge of the coffee table at which point you are to say "Where's Jackson?" and then he quickly raises his head, makes a tiny noise, along with a big grin, and you are to discover him with amazement.
Seriously, having a 13-month-old around the house can be very entertaining. Who needs cable?


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