His love. It can be fickle.

For the time being, Elvis has been replaced.
Our 6-year-old, black-and-white, four-legged mutt is still on Jackson's top 5 list. However, he has slid to No. 2 for the time being.
No. 1?
Turns out our son is part squirrel.
Every day we take a walk outside heading down the driveway, or through the neighbor's extensive garden or maybe to the stop sign and back. During each step, Jackson's eyes scour every inch for acorns. Acorn caps, acorn stems, entire acorns, half-eaten acorns, squished acrons... anything acorn related must be collected.
He continually stuffs his already packed, tiny fists with more acorns. Each time he puts a new acorn in, one rolls out of his fingers. So now we must collect this rogue acorn spinning down the drive. And the cycle continues. I have even caught him trying to hold extra acorns in the folds of his neck. And yes, there are a few folds there ... so like a mother chipmunk, I check my baby's chins daily for acorns.
Elvis seems fine with the new arangement.
Maybe Elvis has coerced the boy to disrupt the squirrel's food supply?


ddority said…
it is all part of elvis' master plan to get back at the squirrels for causing the injury to his shoulder all those years ago!!
Houpley said…
i can't beleive you remember that! elvis talks about it like it was just yesterday....

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