My Oma

When Eli was born, Jackson had to suddenly do more things on his own as is common with a new baby in the house. But with Eli’s rough start, Jackson didn’t get to adjust to being a big brother like most kids. He had to transition quickly what with Eli requiring more attention than your average newborn. So when Omi’s red, white and blue afghan arrived he labeled it his very own “lovey” and cuddled into it immediately.
Jackson drags the bright afghan she knitted him around the house. He loves the crisp colors and how they match his room. He cuddles with it on the couch when he is feeling tired and sleeps with it every night. It warms my heart to snuggle our children up in the afghans she made for them.
Her love comforts her great grandchildren in soft, knitted layers.
Each purl stitch is a tiny bud harboring love sent from their great-grandmother. Each knot is a sign of hard work and love. These things: hard work and love are what Omi taught us.
 Omi taught us…
 … to be brave by her example.
…to fight for what you believe in.
…to iron everything.
 … to bite your loved ones.
…to pray.
…that vinegar cures all.
…to be loyal to your family. enjoy a good, long, soak in the tub.
…to live through strife, famine and war with dignity, pride, love and always with humor.
 …to change the beds on Monday.
…to always stop for a coffee in the afternoons.
…to get up and go to work every day.
 …to always call your grandmother.
…to never call at 1 p.m. when All My Children was on.
…to love fresh, crisp laundry off the line.
…that life is in the laundry room. Look for it in the colors and the whites. Life. Love. They are there. It’s in the crisp lines of our graduation gowns that she ironed, in the bleached whites of christening gowns that she prepared, in the soft folds of her  pastel, knit tops, and even in the stain stick working to remove the remnants of a family-filled Thanksgiving dinner and the laundry-room sink where all the babies got their bubble-bath soak afterwards.
 Look for it.
Do you see it?
Do you see Omi?
 I do.


Anonymous said…
Very well said.

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