Outside dark clouds, booming thunder, soft rain and flashes of thunder - the stage was set for Eli's big move. He had been practicing for more than a month. Oh there had been lots of rocking, calling and baiting - but nothing had quite convinced him just yet. That is, until Jackson's toy tuck was placed just within reach. And slowly, tentatively, Eli's arms coordinated with his knees. His hands kept him upright, his knees no longer sluggish.
We caught it on my phone.
He crawled.
He crawled right over to the bright yellow, toy truck. We leapt with joy and shrieked and shouted. So much so, that even he joined in the celebration.
Hooray! A baby who once never displayed proper walking reflexes reached a big milestone.
We were so happy.
And then ..... we started digging out the old baby gates.


Anonymous said…
Yay, now he can read!

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