One Month

As if on cue for his one-month birthday Eli began tracking. As if suddenly awake, Eli has begun checking things out. He seems to notice us more and more. His big blue eyes stare at our faces as if trying to figure out who these people really are. Of course this happens for about 15 minutes and then he is back to discussing dinner or sleeping.
It takes a bit of convincing - but he does eventually sleep for a bit.
In the meantime, Eli is still spitting up a lot. He is quite fussy when it comes to eating. He is either not happy because he hasn't gotten enough, or he is grumpy because he is so uncomfortable until he spits up what seems like half of what he has just eaten. Then he is furious because now he is hungry again since half of breakfast is down his shirt. And so we start all over again. It is has been really hard to get him on any kind of schedule with this unpredictable mess.
Plus it is no fun to see your newborn so unhappy. This morning was the worst as he got so upset he spit up through his nose. Twice. Yuck.
Hopefully he will begin to outgrow this. We plan to bring it up at his next appointment at the end of the month. Reflux is something our niece and nephew both had so maybe it is our turn to deal with.
It makes for a lot of wardrobe changes - for everyone.
We try everything. Shorter meals, sitting up while eating, burping constantly, soothing white noise, vibrating bouncy seat, staying still after eating, swaying, patting, whiskey.....!
Today Eric is picking up a baby swing we found on craigslist in the hopes that this may help settle his tummy a bit more. He seems to respond to movement so hopefully this will help. He does settle once in the car for a few minutes. Getting in the car seat is not a happy thing - which I think is typical newborn. But once we get to the stop sign he has decided he might like this and begins to doze. Unfortunately we still can't drive anywhere more than a hour. After being in the seat for a while he started to choke again. I try to wait it out a bit - again hoping for self correction but he is not quite there yet.
The other night Eric had to work very late so Jackson snuggled in bed with me and Eli. Turns out he was a better helper in the night than Eric!
He would happily dash off for a diaper, an outfit change, another burp cloth (we go through several a day), etc. He loves to help and is always concerned about Eli.
When Eli cries, Jackson always asks me to tell Eli not to worry "big brother is here."
We are so lucky to have Eli home with us for the holidays. Our boys are the best gifts.


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