One of the things I love about Jackson is his dedication. He works to finish a job.

Not only does he love to be helpful and is thrilled to participate in yard work, house cleaning, etc. But he also knows how to commit to a theme.

When his school called for it to be Cowboy Day the boy wants to be 100% authentic. He wanted to wear jeans and really deck out in the western wear. But I had to convince him that the 105 degree temperatures just don't agree with the theme de jour. So he settled for shorts and a neck tie.

But what really warms my heart is that at the end of the day when I came to collect him from school my boy is not only sweaty, tuckered out and romping around in the gym in his cowboy boots, but he still has on his 10-gallon white cowboy hat.

Dedicated to the end.

If there is one shared gene that Eric and are sure to have passed on, it is Theme-Commitment.


Sylvie said…
And we have the pictures to prove it! ;)

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