Thanksgiving may be my favorite holiday. I know the Christmas season is heavy upon us and while I love all the festivities, family and fun, Thanksgiving sometimes seems a bit more meaningful to me.
That's why I loved one of the ideas I snagged from the Family Volley web site. She is always coming up with fun easy activities the whole family can get on board with.
I really liked her thankful chain idea.
We cut strips of paper and every night everyone wrote down something they were thankful for. Then we would tape them together and string it across the doorway into the living room, which got easier as the chain grew the closer we got to Thanksgiving.
We also had close friends and family that would stop by for a visit in the upcoming days before the holiday add their own slips of thankfulness.
Then, because we have family all over, we brought it with us over the holiday break.
The traveling chain of thanks was added to by even more family and after the big meal, when everyone was relaxing on the couch we brought out the chain and read each one.
We made a bit of a game out of it by seeing if everyone could guess who wrote the sentence of thanks.
Sometimes, it was an easy guess.
For example:
"I'm thankful for the color pink and daddy."
"I'm thankful for music."
"I'm thankful for the trashman."

Guess who?


I hope it is a tradition we continue.


Sylvie said…
Ahahahahahahahahahaha! Like I said, as soon as he speaks, his DNA lights up in neon letters! ;)

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