4 a.m.

Me: Ohmygoddidyouhearthat!?! Something is vomiting!

Eric: ....snore....

Me: The dog! The dog must be throwing up!

Eric: ....snore....

Me: (after seeing the dog sound asleep at the foot of the bed) Wait. Oh no. He's fine.

Eric: ....snore....

Me: Oh no, it must have been Jack! (I fling on my robe and dash into the hall to check)

Eric: ....snore....He's fine.

Me: Hmmmm, you're right. He is fine.

I crawl back into bed.

Me: I guess maybe we're being robbed and one of them was throwing up.

Eric: ....Hopefully...


Sylvie said…
The man has his priorities straight! And he's funny! That's a great story. If you haven't already heard the one about Grady Gilbert and the burglar in Robertsdale a thousand years ago, remind me to tell you. It is a family legend. This one is even better.
Anonymous said…
Izzy was vomiting around then, but she didn't steal anything that I know of.

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