One Man Band

Just another laundry day musical.


Anonymous said…
Interesting mic technique. Deft finish with the handbell, too. Somehow I really don't think that was the finish, though.
Sylvie said…
I SO love the way he says "crazy"! Makes me laugh and laugh! Can't hear it as much on this one as on another he made, but this makes me remember it! :))
Heather Johnson said…
Love the science project. You are really good about using different sites to upload your photos and videos. I need a lesson.

Glad to hear that your Thanksgiving Chain is working out. What a great idea to travel with it. Family and friend can add to the thankfulness. And that your son is thankful for pink. I am thankful for pink also.

Thank you for your comments on Family Volley. They mean so much. The feedback is fantastic.
Houpley said…
Yes, Anon - This is only a tiny piece of the at-home-daily musical!

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