While packing up for the Thanksgiving trip to Gram and Grandaddy's, Jackson prepped his own back pack.
He never leaves for long periods of time without the following:
a microphone (for impromptu concerts)
a usb port (for hooking up the microphone, apparently)
a camera (it doesn't work but he still takes photos)
a backhoe
and his phone (typically his "permission phone")

When Gram and Grandaddy arrived to pick him up, Grandaddy suggested Jackson climb in the car seat and put his tiny back pack in the backseat as well.
At the time, Jackson was enjoying the bells and whistles that go along with sitting in the drivers seat. So instead of getting out and loading up the car, Jackson tossed his backpack over the console to the back seat and as my father watched the backpack go whizzing past into the back seat Jackson declared:
"Watch this! It's magical!"


Anonymous said…
magical mystery "backpack" is waiting to take you away, take you away

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