Showtime: Movie Review Round Up

It's been a while since I've posted any of our three-sentence movie reviews. So I thought I might make it even quicker and to the point. The following is a list of some of the movies we've seen this summer and our brief review.

Repo Men - Jude Law is hot, body parts not.
Book of Eli - The future is bleak which means only the blind can truly see.
Coco before Chanel - Oh la la dress patterns and horses.
Up In the Air - Slow and steady baggage with a twist. Sometimes that's how I like it checked.
How Tub Time Machine - Yeah. That's right. Embarrassing yet humorous.
Whip It - The girrlz rock it out almost as much as the awesome sound track.
Eclipse - I'm not proud about it.
Clash of the Titans - Bubo stuffed in a trunk? Not cool.
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo - Hard to watch but worth the pay off.
Observe and Report - WTF Seth? Did not see that coming.
Day Breakers - Looks like reality does bite.
Avatar - Cinematically incredible.
Crazy Heart- Like The Wrestler but with music, less sweat and a better ending.
An Education - Quietly riotous.
The Blindside - Classic. Well-done and feel-good.
Sherlock Holmes - For me, Rodney does no wrong.
Where the Wild Things Are - Sadly entertaining.
The September Issue - Predictable mean girls. How many accents does it take to put out a magazine?
The Hurt Locker - Lacking but intense.
Star Trek - Surprisingly entertaining.

We watch too many movies.
What are you watching?


Sylvie said…
Prefer to get my Jude Law fix in something where the body parts are still on the body and not dripping blood! But even though the movie was disturbing, not in a good way, Jude Law still did it for me. Those eyes! Those lips! That artificial heart! Yowza!
Anonymous said…
What about "Inglorious Bastards" Didn't you see that? And "Elmo and the Book Pirates"? And "Grand Torino"? Reviews please.

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