Hello 3.
We've really only just met.
In fact, I've only known you a week and already I'm learning more and more about your personality quirks.
Just 7 days out of the gate and you're even more talkative than 2.
Something I didn't think possible.
It seems you've arrived with a pretty big voice, a bit more self-consciousness and even more awareness of the world happening around you.
While 2 did not want to come near the noisy hair dryer, 3 requested I fix its hair before picture day this morning. Upon waking yesterday, 3's first thought was concern that the night-before's party was over.
3 is also very interested in loudly describing all the wall decor at various groceries and restaurants. In great detail. 3 has become an even more voracious reader, requesting books be read non-stop some evenings.
3 will start music class today and there is also a sudden interest in t-ball. 3 loves to practice, is actually quite good at it and even runs the bases, which are a pink crepe myrtle, the spinning yellow sprinkler and the blue slide. 3 always hits a home run. Always.
3 has even been so generous - sharing crackers, cookies, sillybands and pinatas with classmates and friends. 3 enjoys talking at length on the phone, big trucks, trains, hand bells and playing I Spy multiple times a day. 3 loves to shop at Target as much as I do and has even asked if we could stay there for dinner because 3 loves it so.
3 has even decided to stay in the classroom during the day for the past week. No wandering off for hallway adventures.
3 is a master negotiator and has no trouble expressing night-time wishes from under the covers such as "could someone please bring me just a little bit more water, please?"
Or making grand requests such as "a breakfast of stars."
And of course 3 loves silly voices and funny dances even more than 2.
I hope this lovely honeymoon phase lasts, 3.
I've heard a lot about you. About how some of those nasty 2 habits fall to the wayside.
I'm looking forward to learning even more about you.
Don't tell 2, but who knew I could like you even more?


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