A note about my wife on this our eight year anniversary

Here are some of the different things that I love, adore, or cherish about my wife.

Waking up to just the right amount of light.
Always being needed for directions and percentages.
Agreeing that farming out the house and yard work was a good Valentines/Anniversary gift.
Finding a mint chocolate chip shake in the freezer for no reason at all.
Finding little notes that says miss you any time she takes off for the weekend.
Never eating the same meal twice...even if she tries to.
Hearing her laugh....

That last one is the real reason that she is the best. Her laughter can be heard across a crowded auditorium and it is side splitting. I feel like I am the funniest man on earth on any given night. I hope this blog gives you guys a little bit of insight into how witty, funny, and sweet Amanda is- because I consider myself uber lucky to see it all the time.


Anonymous said…
happy anniversary to the two of you. you are both so very sweet and entertaining. Wishing you many more happy years together! Love you much!
Cousin Leesa
Sylvie said…
Can't believe I missed wishing you happy on the day,especially since we talked on the phone for quite a while, but what the heck, can't cover everything, eh? ;)
You are both very, very lucky to have each other, and those of us who love you are lucky to be part of your life together. Wishing you many, many, many more, and may they all be as wonderful as the first eight! xoxo

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