Everyone Accounted For?

Night-night, party of five?
Each night Jax goes to sleep with all of his "friends."
This particular evening consisted of:
the multi-tasking Lencho the Lion (from Emmy that converts to a pillow or blanket)
Elmo (he is the irreplaceable constant)
Jackson (the cruise director)
Cookie Monster (the chatter-box from Sylvie)
Lumpy (she's Winnie-the-Pooh's pal from Omi that has been in his crib from day one)

Some nights we switch out a few companions and add Baby Doll (a Tennessee cheerleader from Sylvie) or Teddy Bear and Hillsboro the dog (both from Aunty Debbie).
Does this kid ever get any sleep?

Who were the must haves in your "night" life?


Kathleen said…
So funny! Jackie has a very similar set up with all of her "friends." It's practically a zoo, complete with a cat, puppy, lion, Horton(thanks Copley's!), octopus, big bear, small bear, singing bear and baby doll.
Houpley said…
I know! And the rotation changes each week. Cat in the Hat and Max from Where the Wild Things Are have joined the team. I'm going to start issuing a cover charge...

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