The Help

One of the first things we did after deciding to move back to Arkansas was to get rid of Elvis. 


About a week before the house was to be listed, we sent Elvis to stay with my parents. We thought it would be less stressful on him than if he stayed running up and down the stairs whenever there was a showing and then getting worried (read: bark non-stop) when the movers show up and start taking all of our things, etc. So he has been living it up in Arkansas, enjoying my parent's one-story, their dog Izzy and of course getting slightly spoiled. 
That being said, I had no idea how spoiled WE were with Elvis around. Of course we miss his furry face, companionship, opinionated grumblings and sassy personality. I also miss how scary his bark is when someone comes to the door (of course, once said stranger actually laid eyes on Elvis all fear would vanish but first impressions are important). But what we miss most about Elvis is how helpful he was - always picking up after the boys. 
That dog cleaned up every pea, every Cheerio, every piece of rice, every crumb that ever fell to the kitchen floor.
No matter the meal, Elvis took care of it. 
Since he has been staying with my parents, we have had to sweep every night, vacuum daily and scoop out Eli's high chair after every meal. And I find we end up throwing out these tiny after-meal schnibbles that I just know Elvis would be thrilled about - the crust of a sandwich, the very end of a banana, the over-zapped edge of cheese from the lasagna, the last of an old hamburger, a few questionable carrots at the bottom of the bag. In fact, I know Elvis' mouth is watering right this very minute while he reads this. 
He will be heartbroken to know he missed Eli's yogurt-covered face, the flakes of Pringle dust that sprinkled to the floor and the old bagel I just found in the back of the bread drawer. 
How do people live without a dog? 
It got so messy after one night that consisted of a white rice dinner, that we stumbled upon a genius idea! We started thinking about neighbor dogs that maybe we could borrow for after-supper clean up. Surely another dog would love to clean up this tasty treat! People should loan out their dogs for quick, on-the-go once overs when you just don't have the energy to do the kitchen floor justice. 
We texted the next door neighbor about borrowing his bull dog, Mo.
 Could we borrow your dog to come take care of a rice mishap, our lazy selves texted. 
Of course! our neighbor said. And within minutes Mo was led to our kitchen floor where he promptly turned up his nose (which is hard to do for a bulldog) and merely spread around a few stray pieces of rice before snorting at us in disgust. 
As if to say "Rice? You brought me over for rice?"
Oh Elvis, how we miss you so.
Also? Damn, we are messy. 


Anonymous said…
"What? I take my dogsponsibilities seriously."

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