Four arrived in early August and everything seems so much more grown up.
It was as if Jackson had been waiting for four his whole life.
This birthday was a big one.
So many milestones: a big boy party at BounceU with all of his friends, Pre-K starting days later, a big-boy bed, a big-boy bike, tennis shoes that light up, becoming a big brother, etc.
He was so excited to turn four it was as if he was being given the keys to the car in the morning.
The night before his actual birthday we mistakenly told him, "Jackson, when you wake up in the morning you will be 4!"
Well, sleep became impossible the instant this realization sunk in.
He was so electrified by the concept, he eventually crept out of bed and down the hall with a grave look of concern on his still-three-year-old face.
"Mama? I better change into some bigger pjs. These might not fit when I turn four in the night. They might get too tight."


Anonymous said…
because when you become 4 you turn into the Incredible Hulk

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