Yesterday afternoon Jackson wrote his first song.
He has been working on it for a while.
While strumming his guitar in the living room, he began stringing together phrases he has picked up from various songs with what I think may be actual day-to-day experiences.
When I realized an actual song was formulating, I grabbed a pen and paper to jot down the finished product. What was even more hysterical, was that in between jam sessions he would walk over to peruse my notes and check the lyrics before starting over from the top again.
Unfortunately, I didn't get the finished product on video. I was too busy filling out his liner notes.

His title: Old Song Running Down the Road Turn the Page

When I came home,
You were here.
I love you.

Like a ball fell in my head.
Like a rock and roll.

Baby, baby,
Like a talking bowl.
I love you.


e.a.s. demers said…
That's awesome... way better than most of the songs out there! :-)
Sylvie said…
A talking bowl? Hum. Beauty and the Beast? Or was it only the teapot that talked? Since Jackson isn't yet allowed to watch many movies, he will probably grow up to WRITE them! :)
Anonymous said…
Well, they say write about what you know. Just because WE don't know any talking bowls . . .

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