Can You Hear Me Now?

Jackson has discovered a whole new way to receive permission for just about anything.
I call it his "permission phone."
Sadly, my cell phone plan does not come with such upgrades. But Jackson's phone can work miracles.
For examples, earlier in the week I was making supper and I spied Jackson touching Eric's steak before I had set the plates on the table.

"Don't touch someone's food, Jack."

"It's ok, mama. It's ok. People like that."

"No, actually they don't. People don't like it when you touch their food with your hands."

At this point in the conversation, Jackson whipped out an imaginary phone and put it to his ear. Apparently, he had dialed Eric, who was on his way home from work at the time, and proceeded to ask imaginary-phone-Eric if it is indeed ok for Jackson to touch his food.
After a brief pretend-yet-private-conversation, Jackson hung up his phone (back in his pocket) and assured me all is well.

"Yes, mama. I just called daddy and he said he likes it when I touch his food. He said it's ok."

At the time we all just chuckled at the cellular-silliness. However, later in the evening after tucking him in for the night Jackson pleaded for one more book. He had surpassed all the stalling techniques and I had to end it telling him no more stories for the night.
Instantly, imaginary phone was to the rescue.
After another brief-pretend-phone call, Jackson hung up his permission phone and announced he had gotten the go-ahead for yet another story.

"Mama!" he shouts with an expression on his face that looks just as surprised as my own. "I just called daddy and he said sure I can have another story!"

I just hope I'm on his "friends and family" plan.


can you imagine what trouble you and i would be in if jackson ever got bauer's phone number?!....lord help us!
Sylvie said…
So cute! Put me on his speed dial and I will read to him over the phone! xo
Anonymous said…
That IS the best phone plan yet.
Houpley said…
Somer- Too funny! I'm sure Bauer and Jackson would almost always be in agreement!

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