I Was Holdin' My Motorcycle Shirt

Jackson was strolling up and down the hallway strumming his guitar absentmindedly when he spotted the outfit I had laid out for him for school the next day.
He was excited to see the black and white t-shirt* laid out on the the trunk. He snatched it up and carried it in to the hallway asking me:
"I wear this morrow?"
I said yes and I guess he was so thrilled he decided to immediately write a song about it.
Thus this bluesy tune ensued:


and this version:


Let's just say I caught many renditions on video.

*Please note there is no actual motorcycle on the shirt. In fact, it just says Old Navy.


Kathleen said…
I'd buy the album. Such a scream!!
Anonymous said…
"Motorcycle" can mean so very many things to a person, even Old Navy.

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