Living Room Ceremonies

Mama, I turned down the lighting so it was romantic for when you have a wedding in the living room, you know? Uh ... Thank you.


After a lengthy blessing at the table Eli explains... Amen. Which is the end of a prayer. Or Amen. Which is a kind of snack.

Reading Rounds

Eli's reading has really improved over the school year. He loves to read and is constantly reading everything he sees. The other day he did such a great job finishing a book I said... Eli, I love to hear you read. Mama, I love to hear you say 'I love to hear you read.'

Eli's Math

One night, while preparing supper the whole family was helping Jack with his math problems for homework. There was much banter and numbers flying everywhere. Fractions all over the place. Lots of discussion and dinner preparation. I had set a bowl of soup down in front of Eli at the dinner table and then we all went back to 5th grade math. Still, the math discussion went on until Eli's voice shouted above all of ours to say... ZERO! The number is zero spoons! As in I have zero spoons to eat my soup with!


Eli hands me the travel bingo card we were playing with during a recent road trip. Here mama, I thought this would entertain me. But... it didn't.

Animal Sounds

It was a bird and a crocodile. Oh, really? Yes, the bird says 'tweet, tweet' and the crocodile says....  um ... "dile! dile!' Crocodile is fun to say.